Side Effect and LC/LD Trials

The side effects of pesticides on natural enemies and other beneficial organisms are gaining importance in integrated pest control studies globally and in Türkiye in recent years. It has become a policy to reduce the use of chemical pesticides in modern pest control studies.

It is very important to determine the side effects of pesticides used in integrated pest control programs on beneficial organisms by standard international methods for these reasons.

It is mandatory in several countries to study the side effects of pesticides on beneficial organisms in the registration process of the products. It is difficult to evaluate results of these studies sometimes because of time consuming and expensive field trials and changing field conditions. For these reasons, 3 steps trial design (laboratory, field and semi-field) have been developed to reduce the errors at minimum in detection and evaluation of side effects of pesticides on beneficial organisms.

We conduct all of these side effects trials by our professional expertise meticulously.

In addition, we conduct LC/LD studies on beneficial and harmful organisms and resistant studies of pesticides with utmost care.

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