Thanks to the Global Data Evaluation Program ARM, which we actively use professionally, all the data belonging to the trials are accessible by international service providers and service providers


Agriculture Research Management made easy. Our leading global ARM software is built for scientists, providing an integrated software approach to manage agriculture research experiments.


Since the first release in 1982, the ARM program has become a useful tool for crop production and crop protection research trials, plus a broad range of agricultural disciplines. Our software is a valuable tool that saves our customers time throughout the research season. The software saves time creating trials, collecting and analyzing data, and producing the many reports required for successful and timely trial management.


The ARM software written by Gylling Data Management, Inc. (GDM) is a recognized and respected standard throughout the crop protection industry for managing plant science research data. Our software is used worldwide by researchers and managers in nearly 100 countries, many

companies, and hundreds of universities.